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> Hey guys, welcome to my little place of peace in the world. Its a variety blog, ranging from video games to anime, military to sushi, Memes to small animals, and everything in between. Everything I find comfort in will be seen here, and I hope that you enjoy sharing interest with each other. Now scroll down and peer into the abyss in a form of a person. And btw, if you're lost, dont panic; just follow me ;]

> Follow for Follow

> Canadian National Exhibition

> 22

> 6'1.5

> R&B

> Left Ear Pierced

> Chef / Prep Cook

> Scenario Paintball

> Airsoft

> 1990 Eagle Talon

> Retired RCAC Sergeant

> There is nothing more valuable than the experiences you share with something. When the only evidence of that history is written in the patina inscribed by time and use there is an indescribable aesthetic that cannot be replicated by cnc machines and custom anodizations. This object cannot be reproduced. The experiences shared with it are invaluable. It is an individual.



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